Cosmo Cricut Give-away

Leah is giving a way $150 worth of Cosmo Cricut on her blog. Hope I win, but here’s the link if you want to try your luck:

She also has a way cute Christmas album with instructions at:


Scrapbook Room

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my somewhat recently redone scrapbook room. Finally getting around to it.

From left to right are my closet, the lower shelves and file cabinet, my computer/office desk, my TV and scrapbook desk (with my Cricut barely showing beneath), the upper shelves, and my window. All the shelving is Elfa from The Container Store.

A Sad Day for Scrapbooking in DFW

Monday morning, the 7th, I found out the Scrapbook Pad was closing. I’ve been cropping there most Saturday nights for a long time now. I have a wonderful circle of friends there. We crop, go out to eat, and go back and crop some more. As a group we are scrambling to find somewhere new to crop. We all want to continue our great friendships.

Another scrapbook retreat

Went to another scrapbook retreat this weekend. This time at Megan’s Place to Crop. I went with 4 other friends and we had lots of fun. I even got some scrapbooking done and way too much eating. Yum! We shopped along the way.

Scrapbook weekend

We’re having a scrapbook weekend at my friend Claudia’s house. Friday night we just hung around, went for Italian food and watched a movie. Terri ordered a deep dish pizza that only came in one size. Turned out the size was about 20″ x 20″. It was huge! Guess I know what’s for lunch. Then we watched No Reservations on DVD. It was cute! Saturday, we went to the Scrapbook Barn in Dallas to shop. I picked up two sets of Croppin Folders. Not sure if I’ll like them, but thought I’d try them for pre-planned layouts. Saturday night we scrapped and had some yummy pasta that Terri made. Sunday we also cropped and had a great taco pie from Chris. I finished a Baby Shower album for a friend.Baby Shower album

Library of Memories

I’m taking Big Picture Scrapbooking’s Library of Memories Class. It started Thursday. I’m really hoping it will help me get my photos organized. I’m still looking for the companion Book, Photo Freedom. It’s shipping, but hasn’t shown up in any local stores yet. I’m using Photo Albums from Costco and I’ve ordered 5 x 7 file drawers from Office Depot. I already have a large supply of American Craft scrapbook albums. Mostly mine are black with a few other colors for ‘special’ albums, such as Christmas (red), Baby (light blue), School (Denim Blue) and Brown (Heritage). Oh yes, and pink if I ever get around to doing a childhood album of me.

Scrapbook Retreat!

I’m enjoying my 4 day scrapbook retreat at HeavenLeigh Escape . Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon.This is a great place for a retreat if you are looking for somewhere. Best food I’ve had in ages. Clean as a whistle. Comfortable bed and a great hostess.