My Favorite Salad

My favorite Salad has been named the Worst Salad of 2009 by “Men’s Health, Eat This, Not That” . No more salads at Friday’s. May as have real food.
15. Worst Salad of 2009

T.G.I. Fridays Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad
1,360 calories
Fat: unknown (The company refuses to disclose the nutritional content of the food they’re serving you.)
Sodium: unknown

Turns out Friday’s monster salads aren’t much better than their burgers. Six out of the seven we analyzed topped out with more than 900 calories, which means that lunchtime can be the start of something big—namely, your belly.


Genghis Grill offers Heart Healthy Bowl

Just got a blurb from Genghis Grill. They are offering a Heart Healthy bowl now with nutritional counts. It says there will be a new one every three months. They developed this program with Medical City Hospital, Dallas, TX. I couldn’t find it on their web site yet, but maybe it will show up there soon. I try to patronize establishments with healthy food and menus with nutrition values.