Cosmo Cricut Give-away

Leah is giving a way $150 worth of Cosmo Cricut on her blog. Hope I win, but here’s the link if you want to try your luck:

She also has a way cute Christmas album with instructions at:


Finally finished my drapes

I started re-decorating my bedroom ages ago. Bought the bedspread and drapes. But my top window is odd, so I had to alter some of the drapes to fit it. Did the first one ages ago, but finally today did the second one. And got my 8′ ladder out of my room!

Nancy Drew

I loved the Nancy Drew books as a 12 (or so) year old. Read them all. So I decided to watch the movie on DVD.  Really, really corny. Now I’m thinking about going back and reading one of the books again to see if it was as corny. Or if the movie just didn’t translate.