Foundation Fun

The foundation on my 3 year old house has problems. Fortunately it is under warranty and the builder is doing a great job as far as I can tell. Here’s a picture of my front yard, in the middle of repair.

Home Sweet Home


TV Shows

Looks like the writer’s strike is over. Started watching Lost again the past couple weeks. And saw Brother’s and Sister’s for the first time in ages last night. And I’m eagerly looking forward to Jericho tomorrow night.

Scrapbook Retreat!

I’m enjoying my 4 day scrapbook retreat at HeavenLeigh Escape . Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon.This is a great place for a retreat if you are looking for somewhere. Best food I’ve had in ages. Clean as a whistle. Comfortable bed and a great hostess.

Genghis Grill offers Heart Healthy Bowl

Just got a blurb from Genghis Grill. They are offering a Heart Healthy bowl now with nutritional counts. It says there will be a new one every three months. They developed this program with Medical City Hospital, Dallas, TX. I couldn’t find it on their web site yet, but maybe it will show up there soon. I try to patronize establishments with healthy food and menus with nutrition values.